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QuickStart Offers the Best of Both Virtual Worlds: Become Expert in Hyper-V ...
 QuickStart Intelligence, the largest Microsoft Gold Learning Partner in the western United States, announced that they are encouraging students to broaden their skills and employment prospects by becoming an expert in both
major server virtualization <

Should Citrix Buy Nutanix in Response to Dell Buying Quest?
 Now that Dell acquired Quest and is already touting the idea of an end-to-end, single-throat-to-choke desktop virtualization solution, does it make sense for Citrix to respond by acquiring Nutanix?

VMware Adds Oracle Database Support To vFabric
11g in virtual machines. Data Director 2.0 allows a database or virtualization administrator to manage the database system through automated procedures and virtualization policies that resemble those already in use to manage other VMs in the data <>

Tech Alert: Five tips for effective data protection in virtualized environments
 Unlike traditional backup systems that use operating system-resident agents, virtualization-tuned backup must accommodate features new to virtualized environments: physical platforms that don't support agents, image-based backups, backups of virtual  <>

VMware to Hyper-V Migrations: Microsoft Trains Partners

Microsoft's "Switch to Hyper-V" program is seeking to ease VMware to Hyper-V migrations for virtualization customers, partners and cloud services providers (CSPs). Announced at Worldwide Partner Conference 2012
(WPC12), Microsoft has trained about 40 <>

Google's $199 Nexus 7 tablet confined to Google's store
 Essential Strategies for Using Virtualization to Enhance and Improve Business Continuity: In this paper, we discuss how virtualization can enhance your disaster recovery and business continuity initiatives and which technology solutions will give you.<>

Microsoft Takes Aim At VMware Again, But Do They Even Have The Right ...
 They were more than slightly put out when VMware entered the scene and started pushing their new virtualization technology (including the hyper visor) around the market back in 1999. VMware's continued success in
2001-2003 was something of a thorn in <>


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