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Virtualization Wars: VMWare and Microsoft Battle Over Server, Cloud Dominance
Tensions in the war of the virtualization titans is escalating, both in  marketing and in the marketplace, as Microsoft and VMWare compete for new server and cloud computing clients. While the battle is not new, the vigor  and intensity are ratcheting up <>

VMware to Purchase DynamicOps

VMware DynamicOps Acquisition: Cloud automation and management provider is  a spin-off of Credit Suisse virtualized software division.

Virtualization Management Gets a Bigger Boost
Virtualization management software industry conversation focussing on Hyper-V and VMware capacity planning & mangement and VM performance monitoring. <>

The Future of Virtualization « vPivot
talk was on the future of virtualization. "Future of Virtualization" at  SNIA IIIS from Scott Drummonds on Vimeo. The format was ostensibly a
debate. An <>


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