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Research Readings in Virtualization

Decrease Your Physical IT Footprint/Costs Utilizing Virtualization Technologies While Keeping Up with Ever Increasing Perfor-mance and Capacity Requirements
R Stubstad… - 45th Annual Conference June 10-14, 2012, 2012
Abstract: IT administrators in today's Higher Education Organizations are increasingly
challenged to curb the exploding expansion of server and storage hardware footprints
necessary to keep up with the growing reliance on technology by students and faculty. ...

Application of Storage Virtualization to Petroleum Exploration

D Jin, XJ Zhuang… - Jisuanji Xitong Yingyong- Computer Systems and …, 2012
With the petroleum exploration development toward high-density, high accuracy, high
resolution seismic technology, seismic data processing and interpretation are facing data
storage challenges. Storage virtualization is used to satisfy the demand of storage ...


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